Pablo Villa and Lauren Deligtisch Make Graduation Video & Take Pictures for the NCHS Class of 2020


For Pablo Villa and Lauren Deligtisch’s “senior experience project” they are driving a route every day to 13-16 families for 16 days straight to cover all of the seniors that signed up for the ambitious project. Pablo takes professional-level family/individual shots of each senior at their homes, edits, and sends them out to every family for their own use. Lauren helps plan everything and manages every email and day-to-day schedules as well as assists at some shoots. In addition, Pablo is filming all seniors for a couple of seconds in slow-motion to create a cinematic, ~8 minute video including everybody to honor the class of 2020 at graduation on June 15th and possibly our Woodway celebration. The end of the video includes everybody’s caps in the air in slow-mo, (split-second cuts). “I could not be spending my time in any better way.” Pablo Villa.



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