About Covid Hope


I would like to take this opportunity to thank a the people who helped bring to life COVIDHOPE in record speed. Eric Dupee who listened patiently while I shared my blog epiphany, helped me crystalize how to present the concept of hope and inspired me to starting writing by sharing his own reflection on hope. Doug Hurwitt who built the website and blog in less than a week and for always making me laugh. I can’t wait for his first blog submission!  Christine Poteroba who designed the logo in day and for Rick Helmig who did the graphics in a matter of hours. Both tasks would take weeks if not months in a real ad agency. David Friedman who published a book and composed a song on kindness and submitted a beautiful blog expressing the many things we can’t control but how we can always choose to be kind. Shawn Moninger for introducing me to David and for mentioning COVIDHOPE in his sermon before we were even live! And Holly Jespersen for your incredible friendship and guidance. Your amazing blog will help so many people who are in recovery who will need words of hope when they are all being told to socially distance and isolate. And to my daughter Amanda’s crew coach Gordon Getsinger who simply communicated the bad news of a cancelled crew trip with such grace and hope. Thank you for showing me hope is everywhere even if you are not looking for it! Lastly, thank you to my family for enduring an endless stream of ideas and brainstorming!

The Team listed in chronological order of joining COVIDHOPE:

Eric Dupee and Tom Hall – who gave me the courage to launch COVIDHOPE and helped me to refine the perimeters of the blog

Doug Hurwitt – who worked a miracle to get the COVIDHOPE website and blog live in record speed

Christine Poteroba – who designed the logo in an afternoon and wrote a blog submission in a day

Rick Helmig – who stayed up late into the night doing beautiful graphics for the website

Holly Jespersen – who so willingly shared her blog on recovery and for being a marketing sounding board

Shawn Moninger – who mentioned COVIDHOPE in a sermon before we were even live

David Friedman – who published a book and song on kindness and shared how we can’t control many things but we can choose to be kind

Gordon Getsinger – who so simply communicated the bad news of a cancelled trip to his crew team with such optimism and grace showing me I can find hope anywhere

Amanda and Lindsay Hall – who helped me build COVIDHOPE on social media and endured an endless stream of ideas and questions

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